Terrace door DP 180 Primeview

The DP 180 PRIMEVIEW system is used to manufacture windows and overhead sliding doors for external  development.

It reduces thermal energy losses, thus reducing the operating costs of the designed buildings.

This effect is ensured by the triple line of thermal insulators increasing the thermal insulation of the system. The threshold-free design of DP 180 PRIMEVIEW doors eliminates barriers between inside and outside. It optically enlarges the space and facilitates movement.

Advantages of the system

  • 90º opening corner solution
  • Solution with a low threshold that improves comfort and aesthetics
  • Automation of opening process
  • Movable corner mullion and narrow mullion solution
  • Possibility to hide the frame of the structure in the walls of the building and to create pocket doors
  • Compatible with linear drainage system
  • Solution of a smooth transition of the door into the mullion and transom facade

Technical parameters

Thermal insulation

Uw from 0,7 W/m2K

Acoustic insulation

47 dB

Burglar resistance


Maximum leaf/sash weight

600 kg

Maximum leaf width

3300 mm

Maximum leaf height

3600 mm