In Yawal SA service, there is no room for content which is not compliant with Polish or international law, which calls for racial, religious, or ethnic hatred. At our internet service, you will not find pornographic content, or contents which are morally unacceptable or commonly considered unethical.


Yawal SA does not send spam. We may periodically send messages to the Newsletter subscribers, and special offers to clients. We do not sell or lend information about clients, including e-mail addresses, to other entities or persons, unless they are our partners with whom we organize tranings.


Personal data provided by the users of Yawal SA service within the frameworks of using the service is processed by Yawal SA, ul. Lubliniecka 36, 42-284 Herby, which is the controller of such data.
All personal data and/or contact data collected by YAWAL SA service are used to make contact in relation to respond to the user’s inquiry, to send Newsletter, and to execute orders placed through website gadzet.yawal.com.

Cookies – what are they?

Cookies are small text files sent by the server and saved on the device on which the websites are viewed. They allow for recording information sent between the website and the browser. Thanks to them it is possible to remember forms and pages settings, handle visits counters, use questionaires, record the selected language version or to make online purchases. Properly configurated cookies are safe and allow the information to be read only by the server that created them.

Why do we use cookies?

Thanks to cookies, the user may adjust searched websites to his/her individual needs. Cookies enable to distinguish individuals who visit the website and to display content intended for specific users. Thanks to them, the user receives fully personalised content. Recording information sent in cookies is not related with collection of personal data or registering other confidential information.

What kind of cookies may be used by our service?

Three types of cookies may be used. Session cookies (temporary cookies) which are files generated when searching pages of the service, stored until the session of the browser is finished. Without them, some applications or functions may not function properly.

Permanent cookies during visits on the website are recorded on the device, thanks to which during next visit the user may be recognized and his preferences may be remembered. Cookies of external entities allow for optimization of marketing communication, calculating the movement of users on the website and personalization of content (e.g. edvartisement) from external sources.

How can I modify cookie settings?

The mechanism of recording and sending cookies depends on configuration of the browser installed on the device used to search the Internet. An automatic cookies handling may be blocked in settings of every browser, however it may cause limitations connected with the use of given website.

References to other websites

Yawal SA service includes references to other websites. We cannot be held liable for the privacy prinnciples of other websites. We encourage to read the privacy policy applicable to such pages. This privacy policy only regards services of www.yawal.com and gadzet.yawal.com.