• Category Private houses
  • Country Poland
  • City Łódź

The house was made in a character loosely referring to the Provençal style.

The combination of grey brick with light wood gives the house warmth and elegance.

The entrance to the building is decorated with panel doors of the TM 102HI Prestige system with impressive sidelights. Am electric espagnolette integrated with a fingerprint scanner was assembled in the door. This kind of solution fits in with the idea of a smart house and eliminates problems associated with lost keys.

The spacious display window located on the front side was made on the basis of the TM 82W HI system.

An undoubted advantage of this solution is the possibility of glazing the structure from the outside without the need of bringing heavy glazing inside the building. Such assembly facilities are particularly appreciated by contractors, in this case the company Zimny Sp. z o. o.. Windows in the building were made based on the TM 102HI window and door system. All structures in the house were equipped with façade shutters that provide users with comfort and privacy.

Five sliding structures based on the DP 180 system were made in the investment.

The total width of the glazing located in the terrace part is approx. 11 m. The weight of one sliding door leaf was 400 kg, and the largest fixed glazing was almost 660 kg. To control the process of the terrace structures opening and closing, an automatic system of the Siegenia brand was used, allowing for integration with devices such as a tablet or smartphone.

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