Glass display windows - Yawal TM 82W HI

The system enables easy and trouble-free assembly of even large-format glazing in shop windows and large window structures without the need to bring them inside the room - glazing is done from the outside.

This is a unique solution, which has no equivalent on the Polish market.

The system allows for the installation of double-chamber glass packages with a thickness of up to 60 mm. 

Advantages of the system

  • Glazing of the structure from the outside
  • Possibility to create both openable and fixed windows
  • Possibility to build up construction frames from inside
  • Visual similarity to mullion and transom facadej
  • High durability and long lifetime of the system
  • Possibility to use additional steel reinforcement for better statics

Technical parameters

Thermal insulation

Uw from 0,5 W/m2K

Water tightness

E900 Pa


2400 Pa

Maximum filling weight

500 kg

Impact resistance

Class 5 (950 mm)

Maximum height

4700 mm