Vertiline system

VERTILINE is a set of aluminium profiles with a decorative function to be installed on the external façade of a building, but equally well inside the house on a wall or ceiling.

The aluminium profiles of the VERTILINE system are designed so that together they form an aluminium lamella wall. The lamellas are vertical or horizontal projections from the façade or mounted at any angle.

The product is perfectly in line with the trend for lamella facades on the market. These facades perfectly emphasise modern design and are a popular decorative element for detached houses, residences, as well as other types of buildings. Compared to other materials used for this type of construction, aluminium lamellas are characterised by exceptional durability and strength

Advantages of the system

  • possibility of assembly on the façade of the building or inside the rooms gives flexibility in the use of the system,
  • unlimited colour and decorative possibilities, allowing adjustment to individual preferences and architectural style,
  • the system ensures visual consistency on the façades, creating a modern design and a harmonious appearance of the building,
  • aluminium slats are durable and resistant, which translates into long-term use and resistance to weather conditions,
  • it does not require repainting, which reduces costs of maintenance,
  • the system is safe and ecological, meeting the requirements for constructio safety and environmental protection.