FA 50N RW system – smoke vents

In order to provide protection against the harmful effects of smoke during a fire, ventilation systems are used to produce smoke-free zones. These can be made by installing YAWAL smoke ventilation dampers.

Smoke dampers are made of profiles for constructing Yawal roof windows. Specialised, tested and certified actuators according to EN 12101-2 are used as drive and control elements in the construction.

Advantages of the system

  • possibility of using chain, pin or arm actuators, driven
    pneumatically or electrically,

  • possibility of using single actuators or actuators synchronised
    in tandem arrangement,

  •  the system increases fire safety by increasing and facilitating
    fire fighting operations, 

  • great variety and high functionality of applied solutions,
  • possibility of connecting with all YAWAL systems.

Technical parameters

    Smoke vent
Smoke vent
SAFETY Reliability PN-EN 12101-2 Re 1000 Re 1000
Operation in low temperature PN-EN 12101-2 T(00) T(-05)
Operation under wind load
WL 1000 PN-EN 12101-2
WL 1100 WL 1100
Resistance to high temperature
B 300 PN-EN 12101-2
B 300 B 300
Reaction to fire PN-EN 13501-1 F E

System characteristic

  Smoke vent ESCO NRWG Smoke vent GEZE NRWG
Aluminium profiles system FA 50N RW FA 50N RW
Maximum roof window sash dimensions 1500 x 2500 mm 1500 x 2500 mm
Maximum sash weight 190 kg 200 kg