Portfenetr PF 40 system

The Yawal Portfenetr PF 40 system is a modern solution for constructing external balustrades installed as protection for high opening windows, so-called French balconies. At the same time, properly designed, they are an interesting architectural element.

Portfenetr PF 40 system is made of strong and durable profiles ensuring maximum safety. Constructions of this type are ideal for projects where the façade is intended to be flat and the rooms are narrow.

Yawal Portfenetr PF 40 system is fixed to the window frame. Thanks to the use of a special crosspiece, it is possible to make a balustrade on both single- and double-leaf constructions. In the H version, the solution is attached to the frame on vertical profiles, while in the U version, it is attached to vertical profiles and a horizontal profile. The system's base profiles and clamping strips are sold with pre-drilled mounting holes, which greatly simplifies prefabrication and installation, resulting in lower costs.

Advantages of the system

  • allows the construction of modern external balustrades, which are installed as protection for high opening windows, such as French balconies,

  • PF 40 structures are an interesting architectural element that adds to the attractiveness of the building façade,

  • strong and durable profiles which ensure maximum level of safety,

  • compatibility with all window and door systems with thermal insulation in the Yawal system,

  • ensures easy installation to the systems frame based on TM,

  • masking clip of the fixing screw ensures aesthetic of the structure,

  • filling with glass panes VSG/ESG 66.2, 88.2, 1010.2,

  • possibility of manufacturing structures without the upper safety strip, which creates a modern appearance,

  • can be used both in single-leaf and double-leaf structures,
  • increases building acoustic insulation.