• Category Office buildings
  • Country Poland
  • City Wrocław

The project session was conducted by photographer Stanisław Zajączkowski.

Developed by the team at 3XA ARCHITECTS and realized by ALFA-DACH Sp. z o.o. and TADOS FIREK, the project showcases a blend of functionality with contemporary design to benefit the local community.

The expansion, entailing the addition of a new wing, focuses on symmetry and a minimalist aesthetic. The openwork facade with generous glazing reflects the transparency of administrative operations, aligning with the concept of being open to the residents' needs.

The new wing, with a usable area of 3950 m², is equipped with modern technological solutions, including Yawal aluminum systems, ensuring high energy efficiency and the building's ecological nature.

The expansion of the Wrocław County Office is an example of a commitment to sustainable development and enhancing residents' quality of life, demonstrating innovative use of public space.