Profile for the assembly of LED lighting

Nowadays, the unique appearance of an investment is becoming just as important as the technical parameters achieved by the construction or the level of security.

In order to enhance the aesthetics of doors and windows based on Yawal systems, we are introducing profiles for the installation of LED lighting.

Yawal's solution allows for the safe use of this type of lighting while extending its life. Thanks to a special masking strip and the well-thought-out design of the profile into which we clip the LED lighting, the light beam is not too intense, but only effectively accentuates the given structure. The suggested width of the LED strip is 10 mm. In constructions supplemented with LED lighting, double-glazed units with UV-resistant seals should be used.

Advantages of the system

  • can be used in window and door systems as well as in sliding systems: TM 102HI, TM 77HI, FA 50N, DP 180 and MOREVIEW,
  • full freedom in construction of the entrance door based on panel door system,
  • quick and easy assembly,
  • high aesthetics of the structure maintained thanks to corner connections which are glued.