PBI 50N Glass system

The PBI 50 Glass non-insulated profile system is designed to manufacture lightweight walls and internal partitions with high performance and aesthetic properties.

It is ideal for manufacturing both fixed walls and all-glass door leaves. Building products based on the PBI 50 Glass system are intended for use in residential, public and industrial buildings as internal partitions.

Doors and walls of the YAWAL® PBI 50 Glass system can also be used as external partitions, but only in cases where no requirements are imposed on them in terms of thermal insulation, water tightness and air permeability. Static calculations should then take into account the effect of wind pressure and suction loads according to PN-77/B-02011.

Advantages of the system

  • possibility of using PBI 50N Glass profile system without without
    thermal insulation to create light walls and inside partitions of high
    performance and aesthetic properties,

  • no crosspieces which divide the glazing,

  • simple construction in prefabrication,

  • possibility of using various contour profiles,

  • maximum structure height is 3.1mm,

  • the system is adjusted to fittings of CDA company,

  • easy assembly,

  • possibility of isntalling of transparent infills of thickness 12 mm,

  • possibility of creating all-glass structures.

Technical parameters

                                                                                                    TECHNICAL PARAMETERS – PBI 50N GLASS DOORS
SAFETY Operation force EN 12046 Class 2
Resistance to numerous closing
and opening EN 12400
Class 6
Static torsion EN 1192 EN 1192 Class 2 (250 N)
Vertical static load EN 1192 Class 2 (600 N)
Impact resistance to soft and
heavy body EN 11992
Class 2 (60 J)
                                                                                                     TECHNICAL PARAMETERS – PBI 50N GLASS STENY
SAFETY Impact resistance to soft and heavy
body EAD 210005-00-0505
Flame spreading NRO

System characteristic

                                                                                                             TECHNICAL PROPERTIES – PBI 50N GLASS
Maximum dimensions L x H – single-leaf doors 1195 x 2189 mm
Maximum dimensions L x H – double-leaf doors 2390 x 2189 mm
Maximum height of walls 3100 mm