PBI 50N system

The system is used to make non-thermal insulating partitions and structures for internal construction, such as swing doors, serving windows, non-load-bearing partition walls, displays, boxes.

The depth of the profile (50 mm) makes it one of the most robust on the market in this group.

The system has technological solutions carried over from the previously introduced "warm" PI 50N system based on rebate hinges. Accessories and fittings are a common feature of these systems. The unification introduced allows constructions to be made quickly, eliminating the possibility of prefabrication errors.

Advantages of the system

  • the system can be used to construct partitions and other internal constructions, such as: swing doors, service windows, non-supporting partition walls, display windows and boxes that do not require thermal insulation,

  • possibility of creating large-dimensioned constructions due to wide selection of profiles (including reinforced mullions),

  • possibility of constructing outwards and inwards opening doors, all-glass, single-leaf and double-leaf doors,

  • possibility of manufacturing smoke-proof constructions,

  • possibility of creating swing doors and service windows,

  • possibility of creating arched constructions,

  • possibility of setting the walls at any angle,

  • possibility of creating all-glass structures,

  • profile depth (50 mm) makes it one of the most durable on the market,
  • it is possible to connect it with all YAWAL systems.

Technical parameters

SAFETY Operation force EN 12046 Class 2
Mechanical life EN 12400 Class 5
Smoke proofness EN 13501-2 Class Sa S200
Static torsion EN 1192 Class 3 (300 N)
Static load EN 1192 Class 3 (800N)
Impact resistance to soft and heavy body EN 11992 Class 3 (120 J)
Impact resistance to hard body EN 11992 Class 3 (5 J)
Flame spreading EN 11992 Class 3 (5 J)

System characteristic

Doors of
Swing door Standard door Top-hung door
Structural thickness
of frame
50 mm 50 mm 50 mm 50 mm 50 mm 50 mm
Leaf structural
57 mm 21,8/45,5 mm 57 mm 50 mm 50 mm 50 mm
Glazing bead height 20/22 mm 20 mm 20/22 mm 20/22 mm 20/22 mm 20/22 mm
Infill thickness 6 ÷ 43 mm 4 ÷ 6,4 mm 4 ÷ 43 mm 4 ÷ 43 mm 4 ÷ 43 mm 6 ÷ 34 mm
Maximum dimensions
L x H – internal
doors single-leaf
500 ÷ 1400 mm x 500 ÷ 2500 mm
Maximum dimensions
L x H – double-leaf
internal doors
1000 ÷ 2400 mm x 500 ÷ 2500 mm