PBI 50N system - service window

We would like to recommend you the modern aluminium joinery of PBI 50N system allowing designing of internal constructions that do not require thermal insulation.

The system is intended for constructing light walls and internal partitions characterised by great aesthetic and performance. Use of advanced technology and high-quality materials makes the product be character-ised by durability, stability and high mechanical resistance.

As part of the PBI 50N system, we offer you one of our additional solutions – service window. A perfect complement to the architecture of industrial facilities, public buildings and residential buildings. The presented window type can be slid in horizontal and vertical plane.

The aesthetic value of the construction is emphasised by the high quality of surface finish, as the profiles are additionally subject to anodising or powder coating process. Modern and minimalistic form of the system and great selection of colours – RAL palette, structural colours and wood-like colours - allow creating individual solutions suitable for any type of architecture. Similarly to other constructions, this system is compatible with other YAWAL system.

The system has a Technical Approval no. AT-15-6924/2012 and certificates, all to guarantee full satisfaction of use.

Technical parameters

Frame structural depth 50 mm
Sash structural thickness 21,8 mm
Infill thickness 4 ÷ 6,4 mm
Movable sash weight – for sash without counterweight max. 8 kg