FA 50N SW system

The FA 50N SW structural window system is of a universal nature, which allows the construction of a parallel extension, tilt or turn window with mechanically or structurally fixed glazing in the façade.

The window is designed in such a way that the aluminium profiles of the window sash frame are not visible from the outside of the façade. The shape of the profiles has been adapted to accommodate typical (by European standards) scissor fittings and mechanisms.

An important feature of the new solution is that it allows the use of double-glazed units.

Advantages of the system

  • visual effect of an even surface affects positively influencing aesthetics
    of the building,

  • compatible with „intelligent house” concept,

  • possibility of efficient ventilation without interrupting the homogeneous
    appearance of the façade due to using sliding windows,

  • possibility of natural ventilation, uniform inlet and outlet of air,

  • no draught and reduction of energy costs,

  • possibility of installing automatic opening/closing actuators.

Technical parameters

    parallel sliding tilt at the bottom
ENERGY Thermal insulation EN 10077-2 Uf from 1,3 W/m²K Uf from 1,3 W/m²K
COMFORT Air permeability EN 12207 Class 4 Class 3
Water tightness EN 12208 E1500 (1500 Pa) E2100 (2100 Pa)
SAFETY Wind load resistance EN 12210 1600 Pa 1600 Pa
Impact resistance EN 14019 Class 5 Class 4

System characteristic

  parallel sliding tilt at the bottom
Glazing thickness 28 ÷ 32; 46 ÷ 58 mm 28 ÷ 32; 46 ÷ 58 mm
Glazing method Glazing with invisible
fixing element
Glazing with
structural bonding
Glazing with invisible
fixing element
Glazing with
structural bonding
Maximum weight 220 kg 180 kg
Maximum dimension (width x height) 2000 x 3000 mm 1700 x 2650 mm/
2650 x 1700mm