FA 50N INV system

FA 50N INV is a modern system intended for making windows embedded in the supporting grid of the FA 50N and FA 50N SL mullion-and-transom curtain wall.

It allows for construction of windows that open inwards of the curtain wall with a tilt-and-turn, turn-and-tile, turn or tilt function.

A characteristic feature of the system is the solution that makes the frame and window sash invisible outside the curtain wall. The profiles of the curtain wall columns are shaped in such a way that they also function as a window frame.

Advantages of the system

  • possibility of glazing with single-chamber and double chamber units,

  • a hidden sash effect from the outside of curtain wall,

  • high thermal insulation properties,

  • ossibility of assembly in any type of Yawal’s mullion-transom façades,

  • the system allows constructing inward opening windows, curtain wall
    with turn and tilt, tilt and turn, turn or tilt function

  • possibility of connecting with all YAWAL systems.

Technical parameters

Thermal insulation EN 10077-2 Uf = 0,67 ÷ 1,95 W/m²K
Air permeability EN 12207 Class 4
Water tightness EN 12208 E1650
Wind load resistance EN 12210 1600 Pa
Impact resistance EN 14019 Class 4/Class 5

System characteristic

Minimum visible width (view from inside)

50 mm

Minimum visible width (view with outside)

10 ÷ 81,4 mm

Minimum mullion depth

120 mm

Maximum mullion depth

186,3 mm

Glazing thickness

28 ÷ 58 mm

Glazing method

Glazing with pressure element
Glazing with invisible mechanical
fixing element and silicone joint
Glazing with structural adhesive
(windows)lepidlom (okná)

Opening elements

structural sash: turn and tilt, tilt and turn,
turn, tilt

Maximum weight of turn and tilt, tilt and turn, turn sash

150 kg

Maximum height of turn and tilt, tilt and turn, turn sash

2700 mm

Maximum weight of tilt sash

120 kg

Maximum height of tilt sash

2200 mm