TM 90EI system

YAWAL FIRE BLOCK 120 TM 90EI is used to make a wide range of EI 120 fire resistance class building partitions.

It is compatible with the TM 75EI system.

The TM 90EI system meets the current Technical Approval AT-15-8955/2016. The maximum dimensions of structures - fire walls that are possible to be made using this system are - height: 4000 mm; width: 5240 mm.

Advantages of the system

  • wide range of application as indoors and outdoors partitions,

  • materials classified as NRO (fire retardants),

  • possibility of installing TM 75EI doors in the wall,
  • possibility of using non-transparent infills of large dimensions.
  • YAWAL FIRE BLOCK 120 TM 90 EI allows for manufacturing a wide selection of fire protection partitions with fire resistance class EI 120.

  • It is compatible with TM 75 EI system,

  • M 90 EI system meets the requirement of current Technical Approval AT-15-8955/2016. Maximum dimensions of fire protection wall that may be constructed using this system are: 4000 mm; width: 5240 mm.

Technical parameters

COMFORT Acoustic insulation EN ISO 140-3 - Rw = 43 dB
Air permeability EN 12207 - Class A4
Water tightness EN 12208 - Class R7
SAFETY Fire resistance EN 13501-2 - Class 120
Impact resistance to soft, heavy body IVc acc. to EAD
Class I5/E5 acc.
to EN 14019

System characteristic

Structural depth 88,8 / 120 mm
Infill thickness 50 ÷ 100 mm
Maximum height of fire protection wall 3000 mm