TM 62HI system

TM 62HI is an aluminium system for windows and doors requiring thermal insulation.

Increased insulation is achieved through the use of special elements under the glass in the space between the glass and the profile. The system meets the high requirements for public buildings with heavy traffic and residential buildings.

The three-chamber construction of the profile and the use of insulating material (polyurethane) between thermal spacers favourably affects the low value of the heat transfer coefficient.

Advantages of the system

  • savings on energy that translate to the building heating costs

  • possibility of manufacturing windows, doors and display windows with improved anti-theft properties,

  • the system allows profiles bending, which gives greater flexibility in
    design and assembly.

Technical parameters

ENERGY Thermal insulation EN 10077-2 Uw from 0,8 W/m²K Uw from 1,2 W/m²K
COMFORT Acoustic insulation EN ISO 140-3 Rw = 35 ÷ 42 dB Rw = 35 ÷ 44 dB
Air permeability EN 12207 Class 4 Class 2
Water tightness EN 12208 E1050 3A
SAFETY Wind load resistance EN 12210 - Class C5/B5
Anti-theft protection EN 1627 RC2, RC3 RC2, RC3

System characteristic

Frame structural depth 62 mm 62 mm
Sash/leaf structural depth 71,4 mm 62 mm
Infill thickness 6 ÷ 54 mm 6 ÷ 54 mm
Maximum sash/leaf dimensions L x H 1300 x 2600 mm 1300 x 2600 mm/
2400 x 2600 mm
Maximum sash/leaf weight 180 kg 180 kg
Structure type fixed, turn, tilt, turn and tilt window single-leaf, double-leaf doors, doors with transom window and sidelights