DP 180 Primeview Glass system

An extremely impressive solution for eliminating visible aluminium elements from the outside of the structure.

The GLASS version also allows the sliding door frames to be completely hidden in the floor, ceiling and insulation layer.

Advantages of the system

  • a spectacular solution which completely eliminates the visibility of
    aluminium elements on the outside of the structure by adhered
  • enhanced natural light thanks to wide and large glazing surfaces,
  • possibility of glazing from the outside with the possibility of hiding
    the door frame in the floor, ceiling and insulation layer,
  • compatible with other systems in the Yawal offer.

Technical parameters

ENERGY Thermal insulation EN 10077-2 Uw from 0,7 W/m²K
COMFORT Air permeability EN 12207 Class 4
Water tightness EN 12208 E1650
SAFETY Wind load resistance EN 12210 C4
Anti-theft protection EN 1627 RC2

System characteristic

Frame structural depth 180 mm with the extension possibility
Leaf structural depth 81 mm
Infill thickness 27 ÷ 71 mm
Maximum dimensions L x H leaf 3210 x 3300 mm
Maximum weight of manual leaf 440 kg
Maximum weight of automatic leaf 600 kg
Maximum weight of fixed part 1200 kg
Structure type / leaves diagram Diagrams: A, C, G