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The façade, commonly referred to as structural, is one in which glazing units are attached to the aluminium structure by gluing or mechanically without fixing strips visible from the outside.

In such types of structures, both the glass glazing and its sealing must be made using sealants resistant to UV radiation.

The use of the SW type windows with double-chamber glass panes glazed together on warm distance frames allows for meeting the strictest thermal requirements.

The thickness and internal structure of glass panes are determined on the basis of static calculations, considering climatic and operational loads, protection against sunlight, heat and other requirements.

The façade system enables the system support of a glass pane with the weight up to 450 kg. Special solutions should be designed for heavier glass panes.

Pursuant to sec. 301(3) ""Conditions to be met by buildings and their location"", the height of the window sill may be lowered, provided that the window is secured with a balustrade to the required height or that a non-opening sash and glass with increased strength are used in this part of the window.

For each façade, a project should be prepared containing, among others, static calculations considering related climatic, utility and other loads. Profiles, thickness and type of glass selected on their basis should ensure safety of use.