21 October, 2022

Yawal tailors solutions for its customers

Vetrex has extended its existing range of overhead sliding terrace doors, model vetrex Alu Slide, on aluminium profile.

The new product is made using the DP 180 Primeview system.

The Vetrex Alu Slide door, which has been launched, will allow customers and architects to create even larger glazing sizes and provide interesting visual effects. The premiere of the new product took place at the Warsaw Home & Contract 2022 trade fair.

„Our DB 180 PrimeView system solution chosen by Vetrex to create a premium terrace door is a system that has been proven for years and is very powerful. Our joint task in this project was to adapt the catalogue solution to the individual needs of Vettex cutomers, i.e. to personalise the Vetrex structure. Designers knew very well what the requirements of this solution were, what the customer needed, therefore, for example, we reduced the height of the so-called threshold, allowing it to be aligned with the floor inside the room to make the passage even more comfortable, while maintaining all important parameters such as tightness and thermal performance. This type of synergy between system supplier and manufacturer is the most valuable, because only then solutions are tailored to the needs of customers, and the users of the products. Customer first: this is our motto, and aluminium is our passion. For over 30 years now, we have been creating architectural solutions that improve the quality and comfort of life, bringing more light and warmth into homes,” – says Karolina Mzyk-Callias, CEO of Yawal S.A.

„The expansion of our range to include overhead sliding terrace doors on aluminium profiles is linked to the currently very popular trend for large-format glazing and the desire for minimalist solutions. As a manufacturer operating in the premium segment, we take care of the highest quality of our windows and doors. To this end, we use systems and components from the best Polish and also Western European suppliers. The Yawal company, with which we have started cooperation, is a recognised manufacturer of architectural aluminium systems, with an established position at home and abroad. The DP 180 system used in our latest vetrex Alu Slide is characterised by high technical parameters, functionality and attractive design. It is a solution which will emphasise the modern and impressive character of interiors and building blocks. At the same time, it will contribute to increasing the energy efficiency of buildings and the comfort of living” – says Paweł Bielak, Vetrex CEO.



Vetrex Alu Slide terrace doors are ideal for large-format glazing.

We used aluminium profiles characterised by extraordinary strength. This makes it possible to achieve stable structures with very large glass panes and narrow frames. The standard version of the doors reaches up to 6.5 m in width and 2.7 m in height. They are available upon request in even larger dimensions of up to 6.5 m x 3 m. The maximum weight of a single leaf may be 300 kg, and up to 400 kg when using tandem carriage.

The vetrex Alu Slideto is a monorail door solution. It consists of a fixed glazing and a sliding leaf. The fixed element can be glazed directly into the frame. The glazing area is then larger. In this case, the installation of the glazing package takes place from the outside of the building, which makes the installation process both easier and quicker. In the variant glazed from the inside, a special adaptation profile is used.



Customers who would like to minimise the visibility of the aluminium profiles and increase the translucency of the entire structure can choose a door with a narrow centre mullion. It is only 47 mm wide, compared with 125 mm as standard. In this version, there are also no visible plastic elements at the junction between the mullion and the top and bottom door frame, which adds to the aesthetic appeal.




In addition to their spectacular appearance, vetrex Alu Slide terrace doors are distinguished by their high thermal insulation and air-tightness. The Uw heat transfer coefficient is from 0.8 W/(m²-K). Air permeability is in the highest class 4 and water tightness reaches up to 9A. Installing terrace doors with such good technical parameters contributes to reducing heat loss and thus building operating costs. What's more, the large glazings also make it possible to obtain free solar energy to heat the rooms on cold days.

Excellent energy efficiency has been achieved through appropriate design and the use of high-quality materials. Vetrex Alu Slide terrace doors in the DP 180 Yawal system have multi-chamber aluminium profiles with a thermal break equipped with additional insulation. The thermal break is made of glass fibre reinforced polyamide and the insulation is made of XPS. The use of special thermal separators also eliminates the bimetal effect, i.e. bending of the sashes due to temperature differences between the inside and outside of the house. energy-saving 3-pane glass packages with thermal distance frames and argon gas filling in the space between the panes are installed in the doors. The Ugto value is 0.5 W/(m²-K).
High air-tightness is ensured by suitable seals, which are characterised by very high durability and resistance to weather conditions. Ergonomics and safety are influenced by a suitable locking system. Depending on the height of the construction, the espagnolette is equipped with two or three hooks, which ensure tight adhesion of the sash frame to the frame. In addition, the high rigidity of the aluminium profiles results in a high wind load resistance of the door.


The vetrex Alu Slide terrace doors were created with the aim of making life more comfortable. Large glazings ensure better illumination of rooms with natural light and closer contact with nature, which positively affects our mood. The doors are also equipped with a number of solutions that increase comfort and safety in everyday use. This facilitates the creation of a friendly space for all members of the household.

The design of the threshold allows the threshold to be flush with the height of the interior floor of the building. This eliminates the risk of tripping when walking between the interior of the house and the terrace. The sealing system and high-performance hardware ensure that even large, heavy sashes move smoothly. In addition, when the door is open, the locking elements remain concealed. This improves the safety of users and at the same time enhances the aesthetics

Depending on requirements, glazing packages with different properties can be installed, e.g. solar control, burglar protection or increased sound insulation. In addition, there is the option of installing contactors and connecting to an alarm system.


The vetrex Alu Slide terrace doors provide a unique visual experience. The use of slender profiles reduces the number of visible aluminium elements, creating large glass surfaces with almost imperceptible divisions, giving the building a lightness and giving the rooms a refined character. The boundary between inside and outside is also blurred. The door with the narrow central post is particularly eye-catching.

The slender profiles of vetrex Alu Slide terrace doors have clearly defined edges. High-quality powder paints are used to finish the profiles. This allows an appropriate saturation of colour to be achieved. At the same time, the applied coating is resistant to UV radiation, thanks to which it does not change colour over time. To increase the visual value, a decorative HPVC strip is mounted on the front of the sash. This masks the structural elements and provides a uniform surface. This is complemented by handles with geometric lines, available in standard and lockable versions.

Vetrex is one of the key manufacturers of PVC windows and external doors in the premium segment. The company has an established position on the market. It has been operating since 1997 and for 7 years it has belonged to the Liebot Group - a French consortium that is a European market leader in the production of windows, doors and facades. The products are sold in Poland and throughout Europe. The production uses proven and internationally recognised solutions provided by renowned Western European and Polish suppliers. Vetrex products undergo specialised tests and are examined both in the Vetrex laboratory and in notified testing facilities (such as the Institute of Window Technology IFT Rosenheim, the Building Technology Laboratory in Dąbrowa Górnicza, the Mobile Laboratory of Building Technology from Wałbrzych or the Institute of Building Technology in Warsaw supervised by the Minister of Infrastructure and Construction). The certificates obtained on their basis confirm the high quality of workmanship, safety and comfort of use.