13 November, 2020

Yawal S.A. established cooperation with Orgadata

Since the beginning of this year, teams of several dozen people on the side of Yawal and Orgadata have been working on the preparation of complete databases allowing for the implementation of the LogiKal software at woodwork manufacturers cooperating with the system provider. All databases have been carefully verified during the reception, thanks to which the company's partners will have the possibility of comprehensive CNC management. What is more, LogiKal is also a tool for creating valuations and it is at this stage that the programming of machines takes place.

The biggest advantages of the solution provided by Orgadata include saving up to 50% of working time. After the implementation, the operator who operates the machines devotes only 30% of his time to operating the machining centre, while the remaining 70% can spend on other activities. Moreover, each customer receives a ready-to-go version of LogiKala. There is no need for self-programming, writing of machining or steering macros. The program provides databases with CNC machining.

Yawal is the only system provider to offer its current customers and companies interested in starting cooperation a special promotion, where they can receive a 3-month free trial version of the software. Its costs are entirely borne by Yawal. During this time, woodwork manufacturers will be able to evaluate and verify the operation of the solution provided by Orgadata. After this period, it is necessary to purchase the full version of LogiKala directly from its supplier. All manufacturers interested in purchasing the programme may contact Yawal or Orgadata representatives. The implementation of the programme takes only 4 days, during which the first two-day basic training takes place, and the remaining time is devoted to setting up the machines.

"Customer automation is a trend in the aluminium industry. Yawal follows market trends and tries to be always where customers need our help. Such an issue is the support of the process of woodwork production automation. In our actions towards business partners we apply a 360o sales and service strategy. This means that we assist them at every stage of their activity from the preparation of offers, through production, marketing and sales to investors. - says Łukasz Kucharczyk, Sales Director at Yawal S.A.

"For manufacturing companies, excellent technology and efficient production preparation are as important as offering. Our databases are entered in such a way that at each stage of the project and production order people have access to professionally prepared profile data, window and door fittings and processing. Their updates appear on an ongoing basis and are always created based on system catalogues. This guarantees access to the latest solutions introduced by high-class specialists employed in our company". - Beata Culkowska, Product Marketing Specialist.