10 November, 2023

Yawal in Partnership with the Silesian University of Technology Creates Innovations in Architecture!

We are proud to be able to share the results of our inspiring collaboration with the Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice.

Together with this prestigious university, we decided to give architecture students a unique opportunity to showcase their design skills on Yawal systems, by organizing a competition titled: 'Innovative uses of aluminum-glass partition systems in architectural designs of multifunctional buildings'.

Leveraging the capabilities of the Yawal systems, students had the opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge and creative thinking in a practical setting. This initiative not only spurred the creation of innovative concepts in architecture but also offered students a real chance to demonstrate how Yawal systems can be innovatively used in practice.

We are convinced that the synergy of university knowledge, the capabilities of Yawal systems, and industrial experience is the key to creating futuristic concepts in architecture. The presentation of the results of this fruitful collaboration took place on October 27, 2023, at the Gallery II Piętro CPN PŚ in Gliwice.

We wish to express our gratitude to the Silesian University of Technology for such productive cooperation and to all participants of the competition for their extraordinary commitment and fresh perspective on architecture. This is just the beginning of our collaboration, and our goal is to continue supporting young talents and contributing to the evolution of global architecture.