27 October, 2022

Yawal has completed a series of training courses on foreign markets.

For many years now, Yawal has been organising a series of training courses called Yawal Academy aimed at its customers.

After a long break resulting from the pandemic, the company returned to the previous form of meetings, which was met with great interest from the company's current and potential partners..

This time Yawal personally marked its presence on foreign markets. Training - the latest technological solutions dedicated to aluminium joinery - has so far taken place in Lithuania, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The trainings were conducted by Yawal representatives working with customers on dedicated markets on a daily basis.

Participants at the Academy were able to learn about product innovations offered by Yawal and by partners, which this year included Orgadata, Hutchinson, Proventus, Roto, Reglas and IGP Powder Coating.

The Yawal Academy is an opportunity to meet representatives of the company and specialists from the R&D department, who provide specialised technical and product knowledge on the spot. The training is not only an opportunity to gain practical knowledge, but also to conduct business talks with Yawal's Business Development Director Georeg Cannon, who is present at the training, so that Yawal can consolidate and strengthen business relations with its partners. Yawal Academy meetings are designed for owners, technologists, production managers and designers representing aluminium joinery manufacturers.

Thanks to its wide product range, Yawal is perceived by its customers as a partner focused on innovative and comfortable solutions.

Yawal has completed its academies aimed at foreign clients for this year, but the training cycle is still ongoing. The company is about to hold another meeting, this time aimed at architects, which will take place in November. Yawal would like to invite you to a training course - the latest technological solutions dedicated to aluminium joinery - in Książ near Wałbrzych or Toruń.