16 March, 2023

Yawal Group on the road to sustainable development becomes part of the Global Compact

Sustainability is the responsibility of conscious businesses because, as organisations that create economic value, they have an impact on social development and the environment. 

The concept involves taking care of both economic growth and the environment and quality of life. It also states that social justice is extremely important and places great emphasis on the responsibility of businesses towards their environment.

The goals set by the idea of sustainable development define the agenda for the debate taking place at national and international level. The language of sustainability provides a common platform for organisations from around the world - teaching them how to communicate cross-divisionally. It shows how companies can face the challenges of the 21st century together.

UNITED NATIONS GLOBAL COMPACT (UN Global Compact) is an integral part of the UN system with headquarters in New York, operating in over 160 countries. It is the world's largest business initiative for sustainable development, inaugurated by the UN Secretary-General in 2000. It brings together companies that work with the UN and develop strategies and actions based on UN policies, in particular the Sustainable Development Goals and the 10 Principles of the United Nations Global Compact in four areas: human rights, labour standards, environment, anti-corruption, and helps local companies to develop best business practices, acquire and use new development opportunities.

One of the goals of the Yawal Group in 2023 is to walk the path towards environmental sustainability. The company wants to be part of a business that levels the playing field and builds relationships cross-divisionally, while learning from the largest organisations in Poland that have already joined the Global Compact.

The decision to join the Global Compact has become a key step towards achieving the goal of sustainability throughout the Yawal Group. It is an opportunity to learn as well as to take responsibility. We want to show that, despite the fact that the climate challenge is immense, it is also feasible if we become part of the solution. It is through cooperation that achieving these astounding, from our everyday perspective, challenges is possible. To inspire and show how to get involved at an individual and organisational level in practice.Says Karolina Mzyk Callias President of Yawal SA

The Yawal Group has long been committed to environmental neutrality and has therefore joined the ClimatePositive programme of the Global Compact. The ClimatePositive programme supports the UN's sustainable development goals such as: clean and accessible energy, innovative industry and infrastructure or the work on addressing climate issues.

UNITED NATIONS GLOBAL COMPACT shows its partners what sustainable development is, setting out the areas in which action must be taken to achieve its goals: action to reduce hunger and poverty in the world, improve the quality of life, education and the food we eat, action to strengthen gender equality, improve sanitation and employment for the population, sustainable development of cities and communities, implementation of the use of energy from renewable resources.