3 February, 2020


Huge glazing – the identification mark of modern housing and commercial buildings – need the right frames to fulfill their function. This is the reason why Yawal has decided to put on the market a brand new sliding door solution which will satisfy the highest requirements of comfort and lifestyle.

DP Slide is a modern system of thermally insulated overhead sliding doors. Due to gained technical parameters our solution is perfect for foreign markets, especially in West and South Europe and other countries in moderate climate. It is the only one this class system on the market that allows to create lift & slide constructions.


The system was designed in two variants:

  • DP 86 – It is a high quality economic solution dedicated everywhere, where price is the most important factor. Glass thickness up to 24 mm. DP 86 was created in double-rail option.
  • DP 110 – It is a high quality system variant which outperform competitive products in terms of technic. Glass thickness up to 33 mm, solution available in double and triple-rail option. DP 110 variant offers also a narrow mullion.

DP 86

DP 110


Both, DP 86 and DP 110 system options present very good level of thermal insulation. We gained this parameters score thanks to designing the thermal separators line in the axis of glass units. This is solution analogous to DP 180 system. Additional action we have taken to improve thermal insulation was dividing construction zones into:
- warm – thermally insulated
- cold - unisolated.


Yawal DP Slide system was designed to maximally simplify prefabrication, assembling and service proces of sliding doors. There are many advantages of the system:
- fast and simple prefabrication thanks to frame profile cutting at 90º angle,
- simple and fast assembling and disassembling of door sash due to sash profile cutting at 45º angle and connecting by the use of twisted connector,
- possibility of glazing by the use of clip accelerating glazing process and ensuring simple replacement of glass pane in case of crack,
- patented solution of drainage element simplifying construction of drainage system simultaneously enhancing its efectivity,
- ease of fittings prefabrication thanks to using of fittings assembled in eurogroove,
- possibility of connection DP slide constructions with side transom,
- 50 mm widening simplifying roller shutter box assembling.


  DP 86 version DP 110 version
 Air permeability class 4 acc. to PN-EN 12207 class 4 acc. to PN-EN 12207
 Water tightness class 9A acc. to PN-EN 12208 class 9A acc. to PN-EN 12208
 Wind load resistance class C4 acc. to PN EN 12210 class C4 acc. to PN EN 12210
 Avaible versions double rail double and triple rail
 Max. weight of sliding sash 80 kg 200 kg
 Max. weight of lift-and-slide sash 120 kg 200 kg
 Structural depth for double rail 86 mm 108 mm
 Structural depth for triple rail - 167 mm
 Glass thickness 20-24 mm 29-33 mm