3 November, 2020

Yawal creates colour trends.

In the current situation on the market, the role of the system provider is not limited to providing aluminium profiles only. It is required to take action that exceeds the expectations of both manufacturers and architects. Yawal carefully listens to the signals coming from the market and constantly consults with designers. For this reason, it is the first manufacturer of aluminium systems to introduce four revolutionary colours to its standard colour range, which are dedicated to customers requiring non-standard solutions.

The first colour is the preferred one by a large part of anthracite manufacturers (RAL 7016), which has been enriched with an unusual metallic effect that guarantees a unique result. The second proposal of Yawal is the colour Corten Steel which allows to achieve an exceptionally effective appearance of Corten steel at a low cost. An extremely interesting option is also the Twilight colour, which is not only eye-catching with its matt grey surface, but above all it is the answer to problems with heating up of coatings. Thanks to special technology, surfaces covered with this type of powder absorb up to 25% of solar radiation. The effect has been confirmed by studies carried out in an independent institute RCMA Americas, Inc. This solution is also available in several other shades upon request. The last proposal of Yawal is characterized by fine structure and delicate metallic shine Sepia Brown colour. Coatings covered with this powder are characterized by high resistance to weather conditions, abrasion, UV radiation and corrosion. 

"Our sales and facilities department connects architects, investors and manufacturers. By analysing their needs, Yawal becomes a trendsetter in terms of aesthetics and colouring of the proposed solutions. Hole joinery is no longer treated only as a building material, but as a decorative element of interior finishing that adds character to the whole investment and significantly raises its rank. The choice of appropriate colouring is particularly important for private investors who, while constructing their residential buildings, are looking for solutions which will distinguish them and constitute an elegant complement to the whole building. " said Łukasz Kucharczyk, Sales Director at Yawal S.A.