9 November, 2020


On 4th of November, the Yawal Constructor software was updated.

As part of the update, the following changes was added to the program:

  1. ROTO 130 kg fittings,
  2. ROTO window handles,
  3. Fapim Galiqube fittings,
  4. handles to Fapim hardware,
  5. French assembly of the DP SLIDE construction,
  6. Cross-section verification,
  7. Supplementing the price list,
  8. Narrow post DP Slide 110 three-rail version,
  9. MOREVIEW verification monorail version with angle break,
  10. MOREVIEW verification - two-rail version with angle refraction,
  11. Correction of the selection of a lock insert in PBI 50N,
  12. Fixed bugs related to the amount of foams in TM 77HI constructions,
  13. DP SLIDE frame to the Facade,
  14. A profile to TM 62 in DP SLIDE 110 System,
  15. Verification of the maximum dimensions of window sashes,
  16. Additions for the passive wing in the System TM 75EIsystem,
  17. Variant of portfenetre without U-profile upwards,
  18. MOREVIEW bus split, single and double,
  19. MOREVIEW profiles to the LC - the bottom profile for the sash, milled and not milled, end caps, plastics and masking frames,
  20. Silicone 109.2023.0 to the joint between the panes,
  21. New colors to the RAL template.

Download the update