21 November, 2019

Yawal Constructor - 20.11.2019 update

We would like to inform you about the update of the Yawal Constructor software.

Download the update

We would like to present you changes:

  1. The window and door parameters have been ordered when creating the structure.
  2. Concealed WALA hinges were added.
  3. Drawings in construction parameters were added.
  4. FA 50N INV sash profile mass was corrected.
  5. Cross section drawings were updated.
  6. Sash type edit error comunicate was added.
  7. Added rule in which slave sash pull handle type will be extracted from master sash.
  8. Passage width was corrected and depends on hinge type.
  9. Drainage cover caps selection possibility was added to main construction parameters.
  10. Glazing range was corrected in fixed frame and sash in DP 180 system.
  11. Dimension diagrams were added for PVC hardware sash profiles.
  12. Additive parameters were implemented for 108.0145.6 gasket in TM77HI and TM74HI systems.
  13. Additive parameters were implemented for 108.0003.6 gasket in TM102HI and DP180 systems.