6 May, 2020

Yawal Constructor - 04.05.2020 update

We would like to inform you about the update of the Yawal Constructor software.

Download the udpade

The new version includes the following changes:
1. Price list for accessories and gaskets in pcs and in linear meters has been added.
2. A single frame solution in the Moreview system has been added.
3. The frame profile solution in the Moreview two-rail construction has been added.
4. A new door leaf profile to the TM 75EI system has been added.
5. The upper filling solution in the form of a panel in the TM 102HI Prestige system has been added.
6. Changes to RAL color codes based on IGP manufacturer data.
7. Linear drainage profiles in DP 180 and TM 102HI systems have been added.
8. Profile for assembling LED lightning has been added.
9. Structure templates have been added.
10. Setting cross-sections of the structure have been added.