15 December, 2022

Yawal at ARCHImikołajki at SARP Katowice

On 8 December, the ARCHImikołajki (Silesian Regional Chamber of Architects of the Republic of Poland) and the Silesian Branch of the Society of Polish Town Planners took place at the headquarters of SARP Katowice.

The event aimed to sum up the passing year and to reflect on what can be undertaken next year, and what actions should be taken.

In addition, it was a great opportunity to meet and celebrate in each other's company and exchange ideas and experiences. Among the guests were also representatives of the company Yawal S.A., which was, a partner of this year's ARCHImikołajki.

SARP, or the Society of Polish Architects, is an organisation that has existed for 135 years. It had its beginnings in 1877 in Kraków.  SARP is a professional association of architects and people associated with architecture. It tries to bring together people of different ages, views, and experiences who want to care about spatial order and take responsibility for the quality of the environment around us. The organisation creates a context for a variety of events, the exchange of information, and all positive activities. It is an organisation that wants to promote the best in architecture