4 January, 2016

We have a new logo!

We are pleased to inform that this year the company YAWAL celebrates its 25th anniversary. It is a perfect opportunity for us to refresh the image of the brand. The result is a new logo, new slogan, and a new communication method of the company.

Refreshment of the brand image results from changes within the company. We have been working on consolidation of the group (Yawal, Final) for a few months, and on improvement of the operational processes efficiency – says Magdalena Jagiełło, President of Yawal SA. We also adjust the structure of the company to market demands, thanks to which we will operate more dynamically and efficiently. We wish this new quality we work on to be reflected in the new system of visual identification. Current experience of the company (25 years of existence) was maintained as the company kept red colours and its name, but results of the mentioned changes are individual character, better legibility, and modern character of these elements.

New logo of Yawal, in addition to the refreshment of the manner the name is written (logotype), was supplemented with graphic element including the company monogram (Y letter). Red colours of the logo were made more dynamic with raspberry hue, and additionally cold turquoise colour was introduced, which emphasize the modern character of the brand. Simultaneously, the new identification system uses the motive of construction network, which reflects engineering, and solid character of the brand. It has always been its biggest strength.

The author of this rebranding process is Dragon Roughe agency from Warsaw, a branding company which has been present for over 20 years in Poland supporting brands in their development and changes.