16 October, 2020

Virtual tour of the modern Yawal S.A. showroom.

Located in Dąbrowa Górnicza, the Yawal showroom was created for manufacturers, architects and investors as a place for business meetings, exchange of experience and a training centre allowing for the presentation of how the structures placed in the showroom function and are built.

The Yawal showroom features modern and technologically advanced solutions, such as: an extremely popular large-size sliding door with a frame hidden in the walls of the building - Moreview and the DP 180 automatic sliding door solution with a hidden ePower drive.  The window and door exhibition presents warm constructions based on the TM 102HI system which meets the requirements of passive houses, including Prestige panel doors and internal partitions without thermal insulation of PBI 84 OFFICE system. The showroom also features structures based on FA 50N facade and structural facade. The possibilities of constructing FA 50N SW parallel sliding windows in the façade were also presented, providing a visual effect of a completely even surface.

For safety reasons, all visits to the Yawal showroom must be planned and arranged in advance. Visitors are guided in a sanitary manner. Manufacturers of window and door joinery can arrange appointments through their regional caretakers. Architects are guided by the Regional Directors of Building Sales.