14 October, 2019


We would like to inform you about the update of the Yawal Constructor software.

The new version includes the following changes:

  1. Access control for DP automatic fittings has been added.
  2. PBI 50 GLASS no-crossbars walls have been added.
  3. New poles for FA50N and FA 50N SL Facades have been added.
  4. New clamping and decorative strips for FA 50N facade have been added.
  5. Passive door pulls for Fapim door lock in mortice systems have been allowed.
  6. A door profile in TM 75EI ver. 82 has been reversed (CNC reasons)
  7. An error while making manual change in door type contruction has been added.
  8. A crossections settings have been filled.
  9. Thermical parameters have been filled.
  10. Swelling mass adding manner has been changed
  11. English and Hungarian translations have been filled.
  12. Two-colored threshold has been corrected.
  13. Plate montage elements for Fireproof Systems have been corrected.
  14. Roof strip for FA50N EI skylight has been allowed.
  15. C4 color for system plates has been allowed.
  16. Element sets selection at difference in facade fillings has been corrected
  17. Glass in frame at TM 77 Outward system have been added
  18. Possibility of creating construction with two windows at TM 77 Outward has been added
  19. Window opened outwards at standard TM 77 frame has been added
  20. Parameters at choice of facade clamping strips have been added

You can also download the update by clicking LINK!