4 August, 2020

The Yawal Constructor update – 31.07.2020

At the end of July 2020, the Yawal Constructor software was updated with the price list PLN and EURO in the version 2020/06_en, 2020/06_eu.

As part of the update, the following changes was added to the program:

  1. ROTO AL. 160 kg.
  2. ROTO AL. 180 kg .
  3. FAPIM fittings.
  4. TM75EI external structures.
  5. TM75EI verse 82 external structures.
  6. System Portfenetr PF 40 barriers.
  7. Templates for railings.
  8. Sections were set.
  9. Thermals were fixed.
  10. Drawings for narrow post selection were added and the option was improved for RS.
  11. Glass Korner templates were added.
  12. Stick varnish was added in the additives.
  13. The glazing table in PBI 40E was revised.
  14. The glazing table in System PBI 50N was revised.


Download the update