6 February, 2023

The impossible has become possible thanks to Yawal systems

In the latest episode of the programme "Watching Dream Houses" we can see Marzena and Peter's house, which can definitely be called a "house with soul".

It is a more than 100-year-old residential house, which has been renovated by the owners, but keeping its vintage character. In the house of Marzena and Piotr we can see windows and terrace doors made using Yawal aluminium systems: TM 77HI and DP 150T, which are distinguished by increased thermal insulation parameters, i.e. energy efficiency, which allows for lower energy usage costs.

The house was built in 1920 its renovation took three years. Seemingly the house was not in bad condition, but several elements were renovated in the wrong way. The walls, including the load-bearing wall, were basically left out of an old structure.

The interior of the house impresses with authentic elements - brick walls that the residents themselves cleaned, or a double-sided fireplace, as well as a new, comfortable layout and modern solutions! After the renovation, the ground floor gained a spacious living room with two exits - one to the terrace, and the other to the outdoor dining area. A wood façade warms up the expansive body of the house.

According to the homeowners, aluminium windows from Yawal are a great solution both for their aesthetics and thermal insulation properties, as well as their durability over the years.

A very big advantage of the Yawal system is that it is a very durable construction for years to come. We also wanted to keep the glazed area as large as possible. Thanks to the aluminium profiles, this is possible. - adds Piotr

Using this type of solution allowed the owners to connect the living room with the terrace. Large, glazed surfaces not only make the rooms get much better sunlight, but also that the boundary between inside and outside visually disappears. Terrace doors in the DP 150T system from Yawal, allows the construction of lift-and-slide doors with a height of even more than 3 m and a sash weight of up to 600 kg. The aluminium profiles used in this system are designed to achieve high thermal insulation parameters.


In other rooms, aluminium windows in the TM 77HI system from Yawal were used. The aluminium windows based on this system are an innovative window solution that guarantees safety. The system is characterised above all by excellent thermal insulation parameters, thanks to which it is easy to maintain the temperature in the room. And this translates measurably into savings in energy consumption costs.

Yawal's solutions combine, as effectively as possible, user comfort and product durability with aesthetics and consistency of the overall design.