• Category Culture and art buildings
  • Year of construction 2020
  • Country Poland

The Art Gallery Stara Łaźnia in Suwałki, located at Andrzej Wajda Street 3, is an example of a perfect combination of historical architecture with modern structural solutions.

The use of innovative Yawal FA 50N and TM 77HI systems has enabled the creation of a space with high thermal insulation, durability, and aesthetics. The glazed elements, integrated with the preserved historical facades, emphasize the unique character of the building, while providing a modern and functional space for various cultural activities.

The renovation of the Stara Łaźnia in Suwałki is an excellent example of using Yawal's advanced solutions in the reconstruction and modernization of historical buildings. This project demonstrates how modern architecture and technologies can harmonize with historical heritage, creating a space that is both functional and aesthetically attractive.

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