5 August, 2020

Scratches on lacquered surfaces during prefabrication? Yawal has found a solution!

Even when you handle aluminium profiles with utmost care during production process, it does not give you a 100% guarantee that no scratches will appear on a lacquered surface of window or door structures, which repair is always troublesome.

This issue is well-known to all manufacturers of aluminium joinery. Supporting its business partners at each stage of cooperation, Yawal has developed a solution in a form of touch up stick, thanks to which you may quickly and easily remove unwanted scratches.

Touch up lacquer from Yawal S.A.

Solution available in any RAL colour. The product is intended for local repair of scratches from production and installation processes. You may order your touch up lacquer from Yawal S.A. directly in the Yawal Constructor software - number 999.9998.x. The set is composed of 3 packages of 20 ml paints equipped in a small brush.  Best advantage of this solution is easy application, short curing time and best quality paint. Using the touch up lacquer guarantees long-term protection of damaged surface. To obtain proper thickness of the coating, it is recommended to cover the scratch with two layers of the lacquer.