1 September, 2023

Reimplementation of IFS Applications at Yawal S.A.: A Step Towards the Future

At Yawal S.A., we have long emphasized continuous development and improvement.

As one of the leading suppliers of architectural aluminum profile systems in Poland, we recognize the need to invest in modern technologies.

Our 30-year experience in the market allows us to provide innovative, eco-friendly, and energy-efficient constructions that gain recognition from customers across Europe.

Our success would not have been possible without an advanced production background. Four production lines, a high-bay warehouse, and a modern powder coating plant are just some of our strengths. However, technology alone is not everything. Effective management and business process optimization are also key.

That's why, after over two decades of using the IFS Applications system, we decided to reimplement it. As our IT Director, Krzysztof Jakóbczyk, says: "It wasn't just a technical change. Collaborating with InfoConsulting allowed us a comprehensive redesign of the processes that apply at Yawal S.A."

We understand that our production model is complex, hence the importance for us of a precise implementation of the new system. Thanks to the solutions from InfoConsulting, we've increased our operations' automation and efficiency. As Krzysztof Jakóbczyk emphasizes: "The new system gave us better data access, which is crucial in making strategic decisions."

We would also like to highlight the exceptional support we receive from InfoConsulting post-system implementation. We collaborate on a partnership basis, with a full understanding and commitment from both sides. With this in place, we look to the future with optimism, confident that the coming years will bring even more success for Yawal S.A.