21 September, 2020


Panel doors with sidelights are currently one of the most popular trends in residential construction. Solutions of this type have many advantages. The most important of them is undoubtedly connected with the access of sunlight to often dark and windowless vestibules. It is also an ideal way to optically widen the entrance and give the building a unique and representative character. Unfortunately, regardless of the unusual design, panel doors with sidelights without proper protection are an easy way for burglars to enter.

Yawal first on the market

Yawal believes in safety  first, that is why it has introduced a number of modifications, thanks to which Yawal single-leaf panel doors made on the basis of TM 102HI system equipped with sidelights have obtained the anti-burglary class RC3. Yawal is the first company on the woodwork market to offer such a solution in such high class of burglary protection to investors. In order for the construction of panel doors with sidelights to meet the RC3 class requirements specified by the laboratory of the Institute of Precision Mechanics in Warsaw, it cannot exceed 2600 mm in height. To create side glazing, anti-burglary glass in P5 class should be used.