9 June, 2020


In addition to high aesthetic values, every window-door structure should be characterised by a very good technical parameters, such as, amongst others, water tightness.  In order to fully control water drainage from the designed structures, Yawal’s offer was expanded by the company’s own linear drainage system integrated with the frame.

Linear drainage is a gutter installed at the level of the floor used to condensate drainage which inflow to the structure and those which create inside of the structure. The special design of the solution, in which one of the lower widening walls is inclined, ensures gravitation outflow of water to the gutter. Additionally, the lower widening is available with milled drainage holes, which create channels allowing the water flow. This way, wood joinery manufacturers save time otherwise needed for profiles processing. Profiles with original length of 6.5 metres only require to be appropriately cut.


The basic equipment of the Yawal linear drainage is specially designed connectors that facilitate rainwater gutter bending at any angle, thanks to which it can follow the wood joinery bends. The aesthetic supplementation of the channel which drains water is perforated INOX stainless steel plate masking the channel.

Linear drainage within the DP 180 System

Linear drainage within the Moreview System

Linear drainage is fully compatible with the Yawal sliding door: Moreview, DP 180, DP 150T, as well as with the window-door system: TM 102HI PRESTIGE, TM 102HI, TM 77HI, irrespectively of architectonic structures used in the project.