24 October, 2022

New markets - New opportunities. Yawal at the National Woodwork Forum 2022

On 18-19 October, another edition of the All-Poland Woodwork Forum (Ogólnopolskie Forum Stolarki) took place in Ożarów Mazowiecki.

During the meeting, the current situation in the sector was discussed. Another topic covered was the export opportunities on markets where Polish joinery is not yet present.

Yawal also made a small contribution to the theme "New markets - New opportunities" at this year's OFS. President Karolina Mzyk Callias in Ożarów had the opportunity to talk to presenter Paweł Gregorczyk about the US market. About how it differs from Poland or Europe.

Yawal has several years of experience working with clients in the US market, is familiar with other standards, trends and knows that flexibility is the key to gaining the trust of the US client.

Thanks to this experience gained by Yawal USA, Yawal in Poland is also changing. The introduction of this American style of customer-oriented, partnering, evolving together along with the customer, following their needs, is becoming the company's common practice.

Yawal's job, as well as that of other suppliers of beautiful, reliable aluminium systems, is to convince the homeowner, builder, architect and contractor that our product is definitely worth more than other products they buy. Why? Because we sell access to light and air for homeowners. Essential elements of life and comfort.Said Yawal CEO Karolina Mzyk Callias

Yawal's CEO also shared with OFS attendees in Ożarów the intention behind the operation - the new Yawal it is building is less interested in competing with other system providers and more concerned with ensuring that customers understand the value the Company's systems provide. Yawal is focused on manufacturing products that can make life better, healthier, stylish and more comfortable.