12 May, 2020

New! DP 180 system with a narrow mullion

The newest solution introduced to the DP 180 system supplements the product in an extremely attractive way, which in terms of quality, is within top sliding solutions available on the market.

It owes its position to a well-thought out structure, which includes amongst others:
- triple line of thermal separators, ensuring excellent thermal insulation results at the level of Uf = from 1.1 W/m2K
- the maximum permitted thickness of infill, which is 63 mm, with the possibility to assemble it from the inside
- “divided” separators thanks to which the bimetal effect is eliminated
- full automation ensured thanks to modern ePower mechanism, which allows to control the opening through, amongst others, mobile devices or fingerprint scanner

A narrow mullion solution

The designers of Yawal S.A. added the popular narrow mullion solution to many advantages of the system. It limits the visible aluminium at the connection of the leaf from 125 mm up to as much as 47 mm. The width of the mullion of only 47 mm is one of the best values available on the market! The solution is available in all versions and scenarios of the DP 180 system.

The Yawal 180 sliding door in a narrow mullion version is not only a considerable improvement of the structure transparency, but also a significant interference in the aesthetics of the whole structure. The solution assumes full elimination of visible plastic elements at the connection of the narrow mullion with the upper and bottom frame. This way, the investor only sees an elegant and smooth surface of the aluminium profile.