1 April, 2020


In April 2020, Yawal introduced an innovative Moreview system to its offer. The basis of the large-dimension sliding doors Moreview (MV) are narrow aluminium profiles fully hidden in the floor, walls and in the ceiling. Their state-of-the-art design together with large glazing give modern and elegant look to interiors, increase value of the investment and ensure panoramic view to the surrounding. 

“It is the test time not only for the wood joinery industry, but for the whole worldwide economy. Thus, even more then ever before, we should promote innovative solutions, which will be the trigger for our industry to continue to develop despite of difficulties. Moreview is this kind of product, thus, I would like to encourage you to cooperate with us and to learn more about our solution, which - as I am certain - is the future for aluminium sliding systems.” - says Łukasz Kucharczyk, Commercial Director of Yawal S.A.


The system provides the possibility to construct door of maximum height 4 m and maximum sliding leaf weight 500 kg. Despite of large-dimensions of such solutions, the product is light and subtle. The aesthetic character of the structure is seen in the width of the mullion at the connection of leaves, which is only 27 mm, and the threshold-less installation with minimum gap, almost 17 mm deep.
“Moreview is not just a sliding door. It is a concept which assumes creating whole sets of spectacular glazing, in which one or more leafs can be opened”. - continues Łukasz Kucharzyk

Innovative construction enables installation of glass sheets next to each other without aluminium elements being visible from the outside. On the other hand, properly designed static mullion allows for designing the set of permanent glazing, which can be additionally connected at any angle thanks to the use of all-glass corner. Another construction solution is a spectacular corner whose leafs open at 90o. The MV solution is fully compatible with Yawal TM 102HI and YM 77HI systems.


“Yawal designers spent many hours designing the Moreview system to define most problems which our clients may face during manufacturing and assembly of this kind of structures. This way, they  have created product which is friendly for wood joinery manufacturers, easy to install and with numerous advantages over competitive solutions. In a long run, all facilities translate to the effectiveness of the structure use.” - says Łukasz Kucharczyk.

The upper bracket prevents this part of the frame to descent. The solution we used allows for perfect adjustment of the level even in the event of already installed structures. On the other hand, structure of the lower bracket allows to perfectly install the frame at the floor level. Servicing of the carriage mechanism of sliding doors has never been so easy. The Moreview system allows for the replacement of used carriage rollers without the need to disassemble heavy door leaf from the frame.

The MV solution envisages glazing of the structure from outside without he necessity to carry heavy and large glass panes inside the building. Moreover, depending on the client’s needs, glass panes of thickness up to 60 mm can be installed in the Moreview system. Next, leaf installation is easier thanks to a disassembled plastic insulation profile in the frame and the patented solution of divided chicane profile.

The authorship solutions of linear drainage equipped with additional lower widening is offered with milled drainage holes. Fast prefabrication is also ensured by profile for rollers in a version with milled holes and plastic connecting element, as well as appropriate structure of triple guide frame system. This element is constructed of two independent profiles, which makes cutting and bending easier.

The problem of dirt on the door structure and its mechanisms due to specific conditions at the construction site is a concern for all contractors and users. To meet their expectations, the MV designers implemented special masking element which secures carriage routes during construction. Transport of such large structures is also risky, which was minimised thanks to special section securing leafs during transport.


Moreview designers have achieved sensational results of thermal insulation at the level of Uw from 0.7 W/m²K. Such great result has been achieved, amongst others, thanks to non-symmetrical division of profiles and designing lines of insulating separators at the glass level.

Water tightness of doors in class 9A (acc. to standard PN-EN 122208) was improved thanks to linear drainage integrated with the frame, connectors which make it possible to shape gutters of linear drainage at any angle and to widen it at the bottom with intuitive water drainage system.

 Air permeability class 4 acc. to PN-EN 12207
 Water tightness class 9A acc. to PN-EN 12208
 Wind load resistance class C4 acc. to PN-EN 12210
 Heat transfer coefficient Uw from 0,7 W/m²K
 Anti-theft protection class RC2
 Acoustic insulation Rw 42 dB
 Impact resistance class I5/E5 acc. to PN-EN 14019