20 April, 2020

Moreview system in Yawal Constructor - UPDATE - 15.04.2020

The Yawal Constructor program was updated on 15th of April 2020. Update includes the PLN and EURO price list.

Download the updateThe following solutions have been added to the latest version of the program:
1. a new Moreview system in double and triple-rail version,
2. possibility of verification of col-md-2-color selection for TM 74 OUWARD frame in facades,
3. possibility of verification of the selection of fittings for fire protection systems,
4. possibility of the handle hcol-md-8 modification in fire protection systems,
5. a set increasing the adjustment range to WALA hinges.
6. the repair kit to the ROTO hinges.
7. possibility of blocking double-leaf windows in the PI 50N system for PVC fittings,
8. thermal coefficients in the program have been completed,
9. verification of cross-section settings in the program.

The newest update of Yawal Constructor gives possibility of Moreview system solutions calculation:
- double-rail constructions,
- triple-rail constructions,
- Linear drainage and foundations,
- assembling elements,
- silicone needed for gluing glass with aluminium profiles,
- calculations of structure thermics,
- sealing variants with brush seals and PVC seals.

The update includes an extensive palette of Moreview design templates. All templates were built without using the foundations and gutters for linear drainage. To modify constructions with these elements, go back to the menu for selecting structure arameters.