3 July, 2023

Moreview Open Days for Architects: Three days of innovation, inspiration and synergy

In the fast-paced world of contemporary architecture, innovation is the engine that drives progress.

Without doubt, one such innovation is Moreview, the large sliding door system from Yawal. It attracted not only well-deserved interest, but also admiration at a specially organised event - 'Moreview Open Days for Architects'.

This three-day inspirational meeting, organised by Naumal in collaboration with Yawal SA, brought together a large group of industry professionals. Participants had the opportunity to experience up close and personal the unique possibilities offered by the Moreview system. All this took place in the picturesque setting of Naumal's latest investment - a modern house where traditional windows have been replaced by the Moreview system, imperceptibly blurring the boundaries between indoor and outdoor space.

Appearing in a revolutionary new context, the Moreview system proves that a home without traditional windows is not only a possibility, but also a practical and aesthetic reality.

At the event, Moreview could be seen in several versions, including the Galandage variant, which offers the possibility to hide the entire sash in the wall, and the Moreview S-Class, a slotted solution that allows the door frame and running mechanisms to be almost completely hidden in the floor. Thanks to its revolutionary solutions, this system enables a seamless communication between the interior and the exterior, creating a space that is not only functional but also harmoniously integrated into the surrounding landscape.

Ms. Natalia Bąkowska, Architect, and Mr. Jan Zyznarski of the Archides Studio summed up their impressions: "This experience opened our eyes to how modern technologies can revolutionise our perception of space - both internally and externally. Moreview's open days for architects were an extremely interesting and inspiring event. They not only gave us the opportunity to see the latest window solutions, but also other features that a modern smart home should have. We were able not only to see these solutions, but also to discuss them with qualified brand representatives. Naumal company presented the impressive possibilities of aluminium joinery on Yawal systems, retrofitted with automatic window shading systems with the possibility of changing the angle of the blinds, retractable mosquito screens, as well as smart home control via a mobile device. The content partners revealed the secrets of the technologies used in the show house. In addition, walking around the house, it was possible to see the innovation of the solutions used, including sophisticated lighting based on a subtle balance of light and shadow. At the end, we were able to enjoy a musical performance and a short, hilarious stand-up."

We owe the success of the 'Moreview Open Days for Architects' not only to our substantive and supporting partners, such as Ciechanowski, Masterstick, Machno, Adams, Firma Szałacha, GlassLift, PressGlas, IGP PowderCoatings, ABB, YAK, Kler, Modu, Minko, Mirola, Centor, but also to our media partners, thanks to whom we reached a wider audience with information about the event.

The atmosphere of the event created ideal conditions for the exchange of ideas and experiences among industry professionals. "Moreview Open Days for Architects" marked the opening of a new chapter in building relationships with investors and architects in which the opportunity to experience a product in a real environment is the best recommendation of its quality and functionality.