2 March, 2020


The office building based on Yawal systems put into use in January 2020 as an office and recreational complex MONOPOLIS which covers almost 29 thousand m2 was constructed based on renovation of previous buildings of Spirit Industry Company POLMOS in Łódź. Thanks to the extraordinary creativity of architects from the company Grupa 5 Architekci Sp. z o.o., today it is a trademark of Łódź and most prestigious 2020 multifunctional building in Europe.

The final effect was appreciated by the organizers of the MIPIM AWARDS 2020 contest, who nominated MONOPILIS for the final in the multifunctional buildings category. The results will be announced on 12th March 2020. Only 4 investments, selected from 228 submitted projects from 45 countries from all over the world, take part in the final. Nomination for the final means that already today MONOPOLIS is the most appreciated investment in Europe in 2020. MIPIM AWARDS is most prestigious global contest, the jury of which is composed of delegates from all over the world, including this year from, amongst others, Great Britain, France, Dubai, Singapore or Italy.


The main goal of the architects who worked on the project was to give MONOPOLIS new functionality while maintaining the unique style of the entire complex. That is why, they decided to renovate the historical buildings while maintaining their current shape and enriching the whole investment with two buildings maintained in modern style. A very important element of the whole project was to create a “green zone” away from the street noise, which is harmonised with post-industrial spatial development and allows the users to have a moment of relax and rest during or after work. The investment also envisaged construction of the underground parking for 245 parking spaces. MONOPOLIS was executed in three stages: in 2017-2018 heritage buildings were renovated, in 2019 first office building was constructed, and in 2020 the second office building was constructed.

Under the contract entered into with the investor Virako Sp. z o.o., the company Budimex cooperating with Yawal S.A. was responsible for renovation of the existing historic buildings, where currently offices, conference and banquet room, and restaurants are located. This way, Yawal also had the opportunity to become a part of this exceptional project.

The following Yawal S.A. systems were used in MONOPOLIS:
1. TM 74HI in the Industrial version, which imitates steel windows. This variant of the window-door system allows for maintaining the industrial atmosphere while meeting the requirements set for contemporary architecture. It is a solution with a very good thermal insulation parameters obtained thanks to additional filling of the space between the thermal insulators with a polyurethane foam.
2. DP 150T – overhead sliding door developed on the basis of the same system allow for the use of large glazings; the maximum permissible height of the construction is 3300 mm.
3. FA 50N SL – known and appreciated FA 50N façade in SL version, which is perfect for developing curtain walls which are straight or of various shapes with bends, turns or polygonal structure. From the outside it creates a flat surface with invisible aluminium profiles. This solution ensures fast and problem free assembly at the same time as well as aesthetic appearance of structural façade. 
4. TM 75EI – a system for making fire-resistant walls and doors with fire resistance class from E! to EI 60. It is intended for use as internal separators, e.g. in the form of partition wall, display windows, as well as external ones. It also allows for developing smoke-proof structures.