10 September, 2020

Intelligent Celebro office building on Yawal S.A. systems.

The modern Celebro office building, distinguishing itself in Warsaw by its interesting architecture, is located at 22 Gładka Street. Construction of the building began in the fourth quarter of 2017 and it was completed in the third quarter of 2019.

The six-storey building with an area of 12,271.22 m2 has, in addition to office space, a service and commercial part, an underground garage and two green terraces located on the top floor. The project, carried out by Pracownia Architektury Kuryłowicz & Associates, was nominated for the Eurobuild Award 2019 in the category "New Office Building of the Year". By nominating the building for the award, the jury appreciated not only its extraordinary architecture, but also the modern technologies used in the project.

Synergy of ecology and economics

The office building built on Yawal systems was designed in accordance with the extremely demanding norms and standards in force in Europe, which resulted in a very good rating under the international BREEAM certificate. The building is equipped with an intelligent automation and management system BMS (Building Management System), which significantly increases comfort and safety of use. The BMS system consists of a network of sensors and detectors located throughout the office building and an integrated system collecting data and managing its installations. Other modern elements of Celebro's equipment are: a building access control system and advanced broadband technology using optical fibre.

Elegance and simplicity

The office building was designed as a cuboidal block with a fully glazed façade, where individual office floors are repetitive and clearly separated from each other. The fully glazed façade ensuring an adequate supply of daylight combined with green terraces guarantees comfort of work for users. The aluminium joinery in the building was made by Alures Sp. z o.o. The project used the top facade system Yawal FA 50N. The large-dimensioned external profiles used in the facade emphasize the geometry of the impressive glazing and, with regular division, the harmony of the shapes.

An individual solution rarely found in construction and created for the project was to use flexible sealing materials in the same colour as the aluminium profiles that make up the office building's facade - said Sławomir Bardziński, Facility Director at Yawal S.A.

The System FA 50N SWtilt windows are an attractive and functional complement to the building's facade. Windows of this type are designed in a way that makes it impossible to see from the outside the aluminium profiles that make up the window sash frame. Thanks to this, we achieve the effect of an even surface, positively influencing the aesthetics of the entire building body. What is more, the use of Yawal structural windows enables effective ventilation and ensures natural air circulation inside the building. The green terraces on the top floor of the office building are complemented by all-glass external doors leading to the relaxation zone with adhesive glass based on TM 77HI system. The TM 75EI system has been used to create fireproof internal partitions in the building, which gives great design possibilities from compartment walls through display cases and single and double-leaf doors.