13 September, 2019

Increase dimensions of your fire protection partitions!

Designing of fire protection constructions requires providing appropriate fire integrity and insulation. For that reason architects can’t often choose solutions, which present besides properties also trendy design. Our constructors took care of that problem modernazing TM 90 Yawal Fire Block 120 EI System.

Last week we carried out a new burnning test of TM 90 Yawal Fire Block 120 EI partition in GRYFITLAB, Goleniów (R&D Laboratory). We achieved impressive result of 127 minutes, which means that we have extended required minimal burning time by 7 minutes.

Very good test result allows us expand glass pane and construction dimensions by 20%. It means that total height of fire protection partitions can amount to even 4848 mm!

From now on our clients can order Bohamet glass in two dimensions: 1741 mm x 2741 mm or 1451 mm x 3289 mm and non-transparent panel: 1227 mm x 2411 mm.

Construction during the burning test.   127th minute of the burning test.