1 July, 2022

How to create a unique front door?

Over the years the role of the front door has changed.

Of course, their most important task is still to protect the house interior against intruders and cold. Nevertheless, the door is now the showpiece of our house, responsible for the first impression, therefore it is very important that together with the façade and windows it


Aluminium panel doors, which are characterised by high stability and resistance to deformation even in case of unfavourable weather conditions, have hit the architectural designs of houses. Prestige aluminium doors provide warmth, security and comfort to householders. A very high level of thermal and acoustic insulation, as well as water-tightness is achieved thanks to three-chamber profile structure,the use of the most modern thermal separators, and a number of internal and external seals. Prestige doors, thanks to their environment-friendly, complex construction, retain heat inside during winter, at the same time ensuring pleasant coolness in summer, which translates into lower costs borne for heating or air conditioning.


The very construction of the doors offered by Yawal guarantees the safety of residents, but it is possible to increase the level of security by adding multi-point locks or anti-burglary bolts mounted on the hinge side. If the door design requires the installation of glazed elements, they are made of tempered glass.


Intelligent system solutions allowing remote control or access without a key are becoming more and more popular. There are many possible facilities such as: transmitters giving the household members the ability to open the front door by remote control, video modules with control panel responsible for monitoring the situation outside the house or motion sensors placed in the exit zone. A technical novelty is the biometric access system with fingerprint reader, thanks to which you can open the door with just one touch of your finger.


The wide range of available designs of panels doors Prestige will highlight the individual style of each house. Depending on whether we are looking for doors for modern construction or for buildings undergoing renovation, we can obtain a perfectly matching product thanks to the freedom of form, colour, structure and equipment selection. The number of configurations is practically unlimited, so it is worth taking a moment to determine the right combination of frame, leaf frame and door filling. Yawal gives customers the possibility to make door leafs in one plane in relation to the frame, thanks to which the leaf profile is invisible. Advanced production technology allows for decorative applications, artistic milling and the use of various types of glazing.

The unique character is intensified by the wide range of colours. Fans of modern style can choose between RAL coatings, anodised surfaces, metallic shades or structural effects. On the other hand, lovers of cosy, traditional arrangements may opt for glass panels or panels imitating the appearance


Surface hinges are a classic solution that looks beautiful, especially in traditional buildings, while the effect of a uniform and smooth surface without visible hardware can be achieved by using concealed hinges. The third option are roller hinges adjustable in several planes which harmonise with the door profile lines.

The individual character of our entrance can be accentuated by selecting handles and pull handles that harmonise with the remaining door elements. The forms of handles are clearly evolving towards the simplest possible shapes. Our partners offer handles in square, rectangular, oval and round shapes. They are made of stainless steel, plastic or cast. Regardless of their shape and material, they are characterised by durability, impressive design and the best quality of workmanship.