1 July, 2022

How to achieve a glass wall efect in your home?

Large glazed areas in houses do not have to be created only by means of sliding systems or windows and doors systems.

There is a whole range of other solutions that will look just as spectacular, while maintaining the same parameters regarding durability or thermal insulation of the entire structure.


Glass façades have become very fashionable in the residential building sector. Thanks to their welldesigned construction, they are a durable and aesthetically pleasing complement to the façade. Glass facades give lightness to a building and contribute to its visual attractiveness, and thanks to the use of modern structures, when looking from the outside, it is not impossible to distinguish between fixed and open elements. Glazed facades are also extremely durable, their maintenance is lowmaintenance, and their construction makes them resistant to the adverse effects of weather conditions. A glass façade opens up the building to the beauty of the landscape and perfectly illuminates the interior. Simple shapes and minimalism of façade constructions will satisfy the tastes of all followers of modern architectural trends. The solutions provided by Yawal include structural facades with the possibility of integrating windows, effective ventilation or installing facade blinds. The possibility to match the aluminium joinery with the colour of the whole façade is very important for investors.

Yawal facade systems are available in the full range of RAL colours, both in matt, structural and satin finishes. Those who prefer more traditional arrangements can choose from a wide range of coatings imitating natural wood.


A very important issue is of course their energy efficiency, which is closely related to thermal insulation. If the solution is poorly chosen, rooms will heat up excessively in the summer and cool down very quickly in the winter. To eliminate such problems,the technologically advanced construction of facade systems is based on profiles equipped with foam insulators. The second very important factor determining the proper thermal performance of a facade is the choice of an appropriate multi-layer glazing package. Excellent thermal insulation of glazing is achieved by filling the spaces between individual packages with noble gas. In addition, in the production process, composite distance frames are used between the panes, which drastically reduce heat loss from the contact between the pane and the section. These contact points are referred to as thermal bridges. An increasingly common solution is the use of solar control glass in glass facades situated on the south side, which is particularly exposed to sunlight.


Juicy green, golden leaves, fabulous white surrounding our loved ones in an atmosphere of relaxation - this effect can be achieved by including a place for a winter garden in the house design or integrating it into the body of the existing building. A conservatory will not only make our house more beautiful, allowing us to admire nature all year round, there are also economic reasons behind its construction, such as improving the energy balance of the house and increasing the value of the property by increasing its usable area.
While listing advantages of this type of solutions, we cannot forget about the increase of sunlight inflow to the rooms. The offer does not include schematic, ready-made conservatories, each implementation is an individually designed structure tailored to the needs and requirements of our customers. To be able to use the conservatory all year round, we include aluminium profiles with thermo-insulating spacers in the design, which ensure high level of thermal insulation. The use of aluminium characterised by material stability and appropriately selected glass panes in the construction of winter gardens ensures a very high level of burglary protection.