1 July, 2022

How do i enhance the individual style of my home with terrace doors?

Large-scale glazing has become an extremely popular trend in contemporary architecture.

Initially they dominated commercial construction, where glass façades were designed. With time, however, this type of solution began to appear more and more frequently in residential construction.


Appropriately selected for the building design, large glazing gives the building elegance, unique look and modern character. They also raise the status of the whole project. Among the many advantages of glass walls is undoubtedly the optical enlargement and elongation of the living space of the building, especially if the floors in the living room and on the terrace are made of visually similar material. This practically invisible barrier between inside and outside allows residents to commune with nature all year round regardless of weather conditions. Large glazings are therefore ideal for houses surrounded by beautiful landscape or gardens. Another unquestionable advantage of this type of construction is the constant access to natural sunlight, which not only illuminates, but also heats the rooms. For this reason, large windows and doors should be placed in the design on the south and south-east side of the building.

The latest trend in the creation of large glazing are aluminium narrow-profile sliding door systems allowing the frames to be completely concealed in the building walls. With these systems, all advantages of standard terrace doors are intensified, as we gain a virtually uniform glass surface with discreetly marked dividing lines. The top product of this type on the market is the Moreview system from Yawal S.A.


People who decide to have large glazings in their homes often face doubts. Won't a glass wall cause a lot of energy loss? Will my home be safe? Modern, high-quality aluminium solutions eliminate these dilemmas at an express pace. A very helpful factor while choosing a door system is the thermal insulation coefficient U, which is calculated not only for the glazing package, but also for the frame. The lower the value of the coefficient, the better. The best aluminium patio door systems available on the market from Yawal S.A. already
have a Uw value from 0.7 W/m²K. To avoid energy losses, the profiles of overhead sliding systems have been fitted with thermal insulators located in the axis of the glazing units. The large proportion of glass also raises concerns in terms of user safety. Here, too, Yawal S.A. systems prove ideal. Depending on the selected system, aluminium frames are made in burglar resistance class RC2 and RC3. Safety of the entire structure is also increased by multi-layer ESG or VSG glass, special handles and door locking mechanisms.


Modern sliding door systems such as Moreview offer virtually unlimited design options for building architecture. Single-rail, double-rail or multi-rail constructions can be created without concern for smoothness of operation or strength. It has become possible to construct corners opening at 90º and to create entire sequences of fixed glazing, which can be joined at completely any angle thanks to the all-glass corner. More and more often architects are using the "pocket door" or "galendage" solution, also available with Moreview and DP 180 PRIMEWIEV. This type of structure, when opened, disappears completely into the building wall in a specially designed "pocket". It is a solution that guarantees complete blurring of the boundary between the interior and the exterior of the house and maximises the passage light when the leafs are opened

Yawal terrace door systems make it possible to create unique and functional structures, which, depending on the type of hardware used, can be divided into: overhead sliding, tilt-and-slide, turn and tilt-and-turn and folding. Top class hardware makes opening very easy and practically noiseless - ideal for those who value comfort. A single hand movement is enough to dissolve the border between the world inside the house and its surroundings.


Manufacturers, in addition to gradually increasing the size of available solutions, are also working on increasing the comfort of using sliding structures. For this reason, solutions such as threshold-free fitting or linear drainage integrated into the door frame are appearing, which efficiently drain the water condensing inside the construction and coming from outside in the form of precipitation. This increases the water-tightness of the entire door. In order to streamline the process of controlling terrace doors, the structures are equipped with a special drive allowing automatic opening and closing. What is more, to increase aesthetics, all mechanical elements are hidden inside the construction. Yawal terrace door systems allow for the application of conveniences such as a biometric access
system with a fingerprint reader or the ability to control the opening with a smartphone.